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H&M Conscious Collection

H&M Conscious launches an Exclusive Glamour Collection

For fashion lovers, the red carpet has become as exciting as the catwalk, with celebrity gowns now creating their very own trends. As part of its Conscious initiative, H&M has created an exclusive collection of red-carpet looks, all made from more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and hemp as well as recycled polyester. The collection showcases the diversity of what is now possible in greener fashion, with outfits in different styles reflecting the variety of today’s red carpet fashion.

This Exclusive Conscious collection will be available from April 12 in around 100 stores H&M worldwide.

These collections show how important sustainability is to H&M. In addition to the Exclusive Glamour Conscious collection, H&M Conscious collections also span other store concepts such as Divided, Women, Men and Kids. This is all part of Conscious, the ongoing initiative to increase the use of organic cotton and other more sustainable materials.

By the way...H&M in the next year will be launching a completely new store chain. Yes, yes...that's true!!! The new chain of stores will be independent and complement the other offerings from the Group like COS, Monki, Cheap Monday and Weekday, all of them with different collections. But for now...tic tac tic tac tic tac...

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